Nu-media Display Software

Optimize your display value by providing us with your specific requirements. Custom layouts and user programming packages will maximize your system utility.

Nu-media offers a variety of user interface options with manual and automatic file transfer and updating capabilities.

Please contact - Ron: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss ways to apply or customize our products to meet your needs

Nu-media 2000 Display Software

Nu-Media 2000 is a Windows based sign-network control system. Text and graphics can be created, converted, or imported and mapped to one or more signs. Procedures can be automated and the software trained to carry out repeated tasks.

Theater Marquee Display Software

Sign32 is a Point of Sales interface that allows text files generated by a POS system to be interpreted. This data is then mapped and sent to various signs in a network. The configuration allows for information to be shown including seat availability, current movie, and a full movie schedule.

Parking Control Display Software

Nu-Media Point of Sales interface can be configured for parking systems. Input will allow standard messaging, price information, Lot Full, and space counts. In Red/Green models colors can also be used to show different conditions. For example: "Lot Full" in red, "100 Free Spaces On This Level" in green.

Web Page Software

Map data from your corporate or personal Web page and display in your sign. With powerful extraction and display options this can simplify programming your sign.

Custom Display Software

Nu-Media Display Systems Inc. specializes in customizing solutions for your situation. These solutions range from simple ANSI-terminal displays, to string extraction from 3rd party equipment, and even mapping your display to a spreadsheet or database.