Theater Marquee Displays

Nu-media Display Systems are capable of automatically extracting Point Of Sales (POS) theater information. This information can be dynamically formatted and displayed on a network of LED display signs. We also offer color, red/green, and amber signs to match your color schemes.

The data source can be a variety of different File Formats including OMNITERM (.log) files, ICON (.txt), and RDS (.log and .sdf) files. Nu-media will design custom solutions for any POS system. The data can be extracted for Box Office signs, showing all movies, times, sold out and limited seating conditions. It can also be configured to show movie information on Theater Entrance signs (such as movie names and time to the next movie) and Large Marquee systems.

Nu-Media's easy to use software runs on a Windows based PC providing a real time interface that shows the live data for the entire network. The software extracts the data from the configured source file, which may be pulled from a network or from a local hard drive. Any sign in the network can be easily modified to show alternate conditions (ex. Closed for Maintenance) while remainder of the network still operates in automatic mode. A large variety of formatting features including fonts, effects and timing controls that are easily modified.